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Best Open Source Web Crawler

50 Best Open Source Web Crawlers

Contents Open Source Web Crawler in Python Conclusion As an automated program or script, web crawler systematically crawls through web pages in order to work out the index of the data that it sets out to extract. In terms of…

Python Style Guide and Coding Standards

Recommended Python Style Guide and Coding Standards

Contents Identantion Tabs or spaces ? Maximum Line Length Should Break Line before and after a binary operator ? Blank Lines Shebang line Source File Encoding Module Level dunder names Imports Parentheses String quotes White Space in Expressions and Statements…

Web Scraping Using PHP

Beginner’s guide to Web Scraping with PHP

Contents What is web scraping and why do we need web scraping Web Scraping Techniques Web Scraping Using PHP Pre-requisites Understanding HTML Create a new PHP file called scraper.php and include the library mentioned below Extract the html returned content…

Screen Scraping

What is Screen Scraping?

Contents What is Screen Scraping? Screen Scraping Vs. Web Scraping Screen Scraping Techniques Application of Screen Scraping Screen Scraping Tool Conclusion Since technology continues to evolve at a lightening pace, it also quickly becomes obsolete! This is precisely why a…

Lead Generation

9 Proven Out-of-Box Strategies for Lead Generation

Contents Company Firmographics Companies Classified as per Signals Org Charts Leadership Changes Technographics Investment Signals Predictive Analytics Social Selling Email Marketing Summing Up Want to expand your business or find a new investment opportunity? All you need are active leads!…

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