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How page credit calculated

Scraper TypeDescriptionNo. of Credits
Standard• Scrape data from simple HTTP pages.
• This is more efficient but doesn't work on JavaScript-heavy websites.
• Uses data-center proxies to scrape data.
1 page credit
Standard +• Scrape data from simple HTTP pages but with javascript rendering.
• Uses data-center proxies to scrape data.
2 page credit
Premium• Scrape data from advanced bot protection websites like amazon, dubizzle, yelp & more.
• This scrapes data from JavaScript-heavy websites.
• Uses highly anonymous proxies to scrape data for higher success.
3 page credit
Ultra• Scrape data behind after login, data display on clicking, and data available after scrolling page.
• Uses data-center proxies to scrape data.
Starting from 5 page credit
What's included
Everything you need for web scraping
Frequently Asked Questions

After you Register, you can access a full featured account that allows you to scrape up to 100 pages.

Page credit is calculated for every unique web page (URL) that is successfully processed and extracted by Prowebscraper.

Yes! we can set up projects for you without any extra fee. Tell Us Your Requirements

If you exceed the allotted number of credits for your billing period, your running scraper will be paused No Overages.

Contact Us and we will help you. Check out our tutorials and API docs for more answers.

For one-time and monthly subscription customers, all invoices are integrated with PayPro which allows you to make easy credit card payments.
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