Easy-to-use and great to scale up.

Configure Scraper for any website

Point and Click Selector

  • With Prowbscraper, Anyone who knows how to browse can scrape.
  • Just Point and Click on the desired data and run prowebscraper to extract them in seconds, It’s that easy!

Custom Selector

  • For more complicated websites, write your own custom extraction rules using xpath ,CSS and Regex Selectors.
  • This can be useful to extract hidden data or setting up configuration as specifically as you want.


  • Extract data from multiple pages.
  • Just click on the "next page" to configure, so that prowebscraper automatically extract data from all paginated lists.


  • List pages have links to detail pages having more data.
  • You can use chaining functionality of prowebscraper which can help you to retrieve all the detail page data at the same time.

URL Generator

  • Generate URLs automatically.
  • The URL generator is the quickest way to generate multiple URLs by using the patterns in the page numbers and category names.

Access and Download data as you want

Download Data In JSON

  • Download the extracted data in any format that you want – JSON, CSV, Excel, XML and more.

Download high quality images

  • Get the images and documents along with all the web data in one go.You can harness it for your customized needs.

Access Data via API

  • Prowebscraper REST API let you integrate clean data with your business applications, processes, visualization tool.

Easiest way manage your Scraper


  • Schedule web scraping tasks at will.
  • Set it hourly, daily or weekly-whatever your business needs, Set it and forget it.

Email Notification

  • Get notifications on the go.
  • Receive email notifications to make sure that you always know when the latest data extraction is completed, cancelled or failed.

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Human Resources


Great product with helpful friendly support staff.

Quality of product and features. Helpful support staff.

Abdul W.

PhD Student

Efficient product with diligent support

The simplicity with which the output was generated is amazing. The scraping was done very quickly. The data downloading was also very quick and efficient in the desired file format, i.e. CSV for me.

Education Management


Incredibly useful webscraper that helps to pull data from any websites

There is an in-built guide on how to scrape data on pro-web scraper. 1,000 free queries to experience and try using the website. It is easy to use and when faced with any difficultly, there is someone to assist and help solve the issues. This page sums up everything:

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It only takes a few minutes to scrape data using ProWebScraper.

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