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When you search for something on the internet, you get a lot of data in the form of profiles, URLs, images, and web pages. But do you have the time to go through these pages and sort the data manually that is useful to you? It is a tiresome process and can lead to inaccuracy.

For better results, professionals scrape the web to find the necessary data.

What is web scraping?

Web scraping is a technique to collect public data from the web & store it in a structured format. You can collect data like text, images, links, tables, etc. from websites.

Generally, web scraping is used for scraping product pricing & reviews, monitoring news articles, capturing leads, etc

Web scraping can be performed by chrome extensions, cloud-based software & installable software.

Chrome extensions are a great tool if you want to scrape small portions of data. Chrome extensions are programs that can be installed into Chrome to extract data automatically.

You just have to install the extension and choose the way you want to scrape the data from a website of your choice. You can download data in csv or excel format.

But if you are looking for tool that can extract a large amount of data frequently, we recommended you to check ProWebScraper [best no-code web scraping software].

Discover How ProWebScraper Extracts Millions of Data Effortlessly

Discover How ProWebScraper Extracts Millions of Data Effortlessly

  • Scalable: Handle large-scale scraping needs with ease.
  • Robust QA: Hybrid QA process for accurate data extraction.
  • Uninterrupted Scraping: residential proxies that never get blocked while scraping.

Quick Comparison Of Best Chrome Extensions

Parameters Webscraper Grepsr Agenty Listly Data Miner Parser Instant Data Scraper Simple Scraper Spider Scraper
Free Trial Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Initial price $50/mo $50/mo $29/mo $90/mo $19.99/mo $19.99/mo Free $35/mo Free Free
API Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes No No

The below is a list of the top chrome extensions identified by prowebscraper thru ongoing exhaustive analysis.


Webscraper io
Overview is an easy-to-use web data extraction tool created for the modern web. Its point-and-click process makes it easy for us to extract data from thousands of websites in a matter of minutes.

This free tool uses selectors, which help to identify the target sites. From there, it finds the data to extract and finishes the work for you. 

Its simplified structure helps you effortlessly mine data even from the most dynamic ones like eBay or Amazon. 

You don’t need to be some coding expert to scrap data from the websites. A simple installation of the tool on your device is sufficient to extract data from the browser. 

You can also opt for automated data extraction through Web Scraper Cloud.

Downloads: 400,000+ users

Rating star: 4.0

Number of Reviews: 749 reviews

Free Trial: Yes [local use only]

Tutorial: Video tutorial and documentation

Data Download Format : CSV, XLSX, JSON

Support: Community & Email Support

API: Yes

Data Retention: 30 days


Data retention 60 days

Browser ExtensionProjectProfessionalBusinessScale
Local use only5000 cloud credits20,000 cloud credits50,000 cloud creditsUnlimited cloud credits
 2 parallel tasks3 parallel tasks5 parallel tasks3+ parallel task
 Data retention 30 daysData retention 30 daysData retention 60 daysData retention 60 days


Point and click interface
  • You can extract data without codes by simply pointing and clicking on the required data elements.
Extract data from dynamic websites
  • Data extraction from dynamic websites (JavaScript + AJAX, infinite scroll) is easy with Web Scraper. You can navigate all data elements from a website based on its categories, subcategories, pagination, and product pages. Multiple data extraction of text, images, and more is also possible through this tool.
  • Schedule your data extraction process through this feature. You will automatically get the data on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis.
  • Web scraper uses proxies to look like regular user traffic. Hence, it does IP rotation to hide its identity.
  • An exclusive feature of Web Scraper helps us automatize data after processing. You no longer need written scripts as they will automatically download data in a spreadsheet format.

2. Grepsr Browser Extension


If you want to take a step further in web scraping, use the Grepsr Browser Extension tool. It scrapes the data from any website and converts it into a spreadsheet or API based on your needs.

Like, this free tool also has a point-and-click process that extracts data and provides you with the spreadsheet in a matter of seconds. It means that you can scrape data even if you are not aware of coding processes.

You can also automate this process by plugging the Grepsr for Chrome into your app through an API and avail new data.

Another advantage of Grepsr is you no longer need to install this tool. You can point to the required data element on your browser and click. The intuitive tagging toolkit will scrape the data and save the required data fields in a spreadsheet.

Downloads: 10,000+

Rating star: 3.6

Number of Reviews: 59

Free Trial: Yes [1000 records per month]

Tutorial: Single documentation 

Data Download Format: CSV, JSON, or XLSX (Excel)

Support: Email & chat support

API: Yes


 Free PlanBasic PlanAdvanced Plan
 Free forever$50/Month Billed quarterly$250/Month Billed monthly
Records per month1,000150,0001,000,000
On-demand runs per month530100
Number of reports per month360200
Data retention30 days60 days90 days


Point-and-click interface
  • Easy data extraction from websites with the help of point-and-click on Chrome browsers is possible through this tool.
  • Grepsr facilitates you to extract data from the sources frequently by scheduling your scraping process at a particular time.
Data delivery
  • Export the extracted data in document management systems like Google Drive, FTP, Dropbox, and more. 

3. Agenty


Agenty is a suitable tool for advanced web scraping and bulk data extraction. This free tool helps you extract data from multiple websites simultaneously. Features like Scheduling and Anonymous website scraping ease the process of advanced web scraping for non-coders. 

You can also create your free web scraping agents, change detection agents, and web crawling agents through this Chrome extension. 

It is a no-code tool that helps you extract real-time data through some clicks and export it to JSON/CSV/TSV within seconds. 

Downloads: 10,000+

Rating star: 4.1

Number of Reviews 168

Free Trial: Free for 14 days and 100 pages credit

  • Video tutorial
  • Documentation
  • Limited Agent setup
  • 1:1 a training

Data Download Format: JSON/CSV/TSV

Support: Chat, email, or call

API: Yes


5,000 pages75,000 pages250,000 pages
Upto 10 agentsUpto 100 agentsUpto 250 agents
7 days data retention15 days data retention30 days data retention


Point and Click interface
  • Extract data without coding through a simple point-and-click CSS selector. You can also create custom CSS selectors for your daily needs.
  • For better planning, schedule your scraping through this feature.
Website Crawling
  • Agenty crawls hundreds and millions of websites at once to extract data. It can also help you with anonymous website scraping and posting data to your server.

4. Listly


This web scraping service tool benefits non-technical marketers as well as advanced developers. You can now convert the web pages into a spreadsheet format with only a click. 

Listly automatically extracts fruitful data and arranges it in an Excel sheet within seconds. This Chrome extension schedules a daily extraction of data from the entered URLs.

Downloads: 50,000+

Rating star: 4.0

Number of Reviews: 53

Free Trial: 100 URLs per month 

Tutorial: Video and Documentation

Data Download Format: CSV and JSON

Support: Email

API: Yes


License 1 User
9,000 URLs / month


Automatic data extraction
  • Listly can automatically extract clean data and organize them in rows and columns.
  • Through Scheduling, you can automate the process of extracting data. Once the extraction finishes, Listly sends you an email notification. 
  • It facilitates auto-scrolling for loading more data on a single page. Hence, the unnecessary data gets eliminated. 
Wait for loading
  • You can set the seconds to wait for the loading page.

5. Data Miner


Scraping data from the web is not a tedious process if you use Data Miner. It allows you to scrape 500 web pages for free every month. After which, you can opt for its paid subscriptions.

Data Miner extracts data from the web pages and exports it to XLS, CSV, XLSX, or TSV files. You can do all of it with only a click.

You can use this Chrome extension with any SEO tool or CRM recruiter system for better results.

Downloads: 200,000+

Rating star: 4.0

Number of Reviews: 592

Free Trial: Scrape 500 pages

Tutorial: Documentation 

Data Download Format: XLS, CSV, XLSX, or TSV files

Support: Paid Support

  • For custom recipes, the starting price is $150
  • For 1:1 training, the starting price is $50 for 30 min 

API: No 


$19.99/ MONTH$49/MONTH$99/MONTH$200/MONTH
500 pages/month1,000 pages/month4,000 pages/month9,000 pages/month


Recipe Creator
  • Data Miner creates recipes (HTML instructions) to quicken the process of web scraping. It also helps in next page pagination, custom javascript, click and scroll actions. You can convert the extracted data into a CSV file.
Extract Tables and Lists
  • It also helps to extract necessary data from tables, lists, images, URLs, and more. This tool can also scrape data from paginated results and pages behind login or firewall.
Run Custom Javascript
  • You can use custom javascript for cleaning the already scraped data. Through Javascript, you can also extract data from emails and social media profiles.
Auto-fill forms
  • Your saved excel files may help you automatically fill forms with data.

6. Parsers


Like other web scrapers, Parsers extracts the data from web pages and imports it to XLS, XLSX, CSV, JSON, XML formats. But this tool is extremely useful for business people as you can analyze your competitor’s market and price. The tool allows you to download product catalogs based on your defined characteristics.

What separates Parsers from other web scrapers is that it works on machine learning. Hence, you only need to select the data type for one page of the website. Its technology will automatically find similar data for you without mentioning pages, directories, or pagination. However, Parsers does not scrape data from social networks.

Parsers allow you to scrape 1000 web pages for free every month. Beyond that, you can analyze its working and choose any of its paid plans to access more features.

Downloads: 10,000+

Rating star: 3.3

Number of Reviews: 60

Free Trial: 1000 pages per run [Total 720,000 pages]

Tutorial: Video and blogs

Data Download Format: xls, xlsx, csv, json, xml

Support: Chat, email, and community support

API: Yes


$ 19.99 per month$ 49 per month$ 99 per month$ 199 per month
5 000 pages per run20 000 pages per run50 000 pages per run100 000 pages per run
Total 1 440 000 pagesTotal 2 160 000 pagesTotal 2 880 000 pagesTotal 3 600 000 pages
2 website at one time3 website at one time4 website at one time5 website at one time
Standard ProxiesStandard ProxiesPremium ProxiesPremium Proxies
20 concurrent requests30 concurrent requests40 concurrent requests50 concurrent requests


No Scraper Setting
  • Parsers uses machine learning to scrape data. Hence, the process becomes easy because you only have to click on the data on a single page. Through ML, Parsers analyzes other web pages based on the desired data requirement. 
  • Data can get updated in frequent intervals by scheduling the web scraping process. 
Extract any data
  • Parsers allow you to scrape data from images, tables, Javascripts, single data, directories, and URLs. You can even open invisible values on the page for easy scraping.

7. Instant Data Scraper


With the help of Artificial Intelligence, Instant Data Scraper can extract data from any website. Furthermore, you can download this data in the form of an excel or CSV file.

Instant Data Scraper stands out from other web scrapers because it does not depend on website-specific scripts. Instead, it uses heuristic AI analysis and extracts the data from the web pages. There may be instances when a user is looking for something different. In such cases, it allows the users to customize the selections and get desired results. 

People love this tool because it does not require a scraping scripts library. It means it can extract data from any small or big website anytime without the need for different scraping methods.

Like other given web scrapers, you do not need to know coding to use this tool.

Downloads: 200,000+

Rating star: 4.9

Number of Reviews: 1589

Free Trial: Free always

Tutorial: Video tutorial

Data Download Format: XLS, XLSX, CSV

Support: Facebook community support group:



Extracting data through AI
  • Instant Data Scraper uses Artificial Intelligence to detect data from simple and dynamic web pages. It also helps in pagination on websites. You can use the copy and paste option for storing data or export it to a spreadsheet or CSV file.
Automated features
  • The tool supports infinite scrolling and provides automated support for navigation to different pages through links. You can also customize the wait time and select the required crawling speed.

8. Simple Scraper


Simple Scraper requires no signup as it can run on your browser. It creates automated scraping recipes that quickly convert thousands of pages into APIs.

This free and fast tool helps you create tables from extracted data within seconds. 

Without any use of codes, you can have the data as Google Sheets, Integromat, Zapier, and more with a click.

Downloads: 30,000+

Rating star: 4.8

Number of Reviews: 156

Free Trial: Unlimited free local scraping + 100 cloud credits

Tutorial: Documentation and Video tutorial

Data Download Format: CSV and JSON

Support: Chat and email

API: Yes


 $35 / m$70 / m$150 / m
Cloud scrape credits6,00020,000 cloud credits50,000 cloud credits


Point-and-click interface

The point-and-click feature of Simple Scraper eliminates the need for coding for web scraping.

Easy extraction

Simple Scraper can extract data from links, images, URLs, tables, and more. You can easily download the extracted data in CSV or JSON formats.

Cloud scraping

This feature helps in easy pagination and also saves the scrape jobs. Thus, you don’t have to re-select the data for scraping the data again. 

Cloud computing facilitates multiple recipes. These multiple recipes help you run different scrape jobs at once. The cloud also stores the history of the extracted data. So, you can also download data from the jobs done in the past.

9. Spider


If you are looking for the simplest web scraping tool in the market, go for Spider. It needs no coding or configuration; only a simple Chrome extension is enough to get you started with the process.

Through a simple point-and-click process, you can extract data from websites. Moreover, you can download the mined data in JSON/CSV or spreadsheet format.

Downloads: 8,000+

Rating star: 4.0

Number of Reviews: 23

Free Trial: Yes

Tutorial: Video tutorial

Data Download Format: JSON or Spreadsheet

Support: Not disclose

API: No 


Organization of data

  • Spider allows you to convert websites into organized data without coding or configuration. You can download this as JSON/ CSV files.
Point-and-click interface
  • This tool uses a point-and-click process, so you can scrape the data only through clicks by downloading it as a Chrome extension.

10. Scraper


The users comfortable with XPath can use the Scraper tool. It is a simple Chrome extension that helps you instantly scrape data and turn it into spreadsheets. This data can be helpful for online research. 

However, intermediate to advanced users usually use this tool.

Downloads: 100,000+

Rating star: 4.0

Number of Reviews: 359

Free Trial: Always free

Tutorial: Video tutorial

Data Download Format: Google spreadsheet

Support: No



Easy downloading of data

  • Scraper converts the webpage data and downloads it into spreadsheets.
Want to scrape data without writing code


These popular tools are making their way in the market and helping businesses to save time and grow. Thus, the demands for these tools are increasing exponentially.

Most people opt for ProWebScraper to achieve 99% successful results. It helps you to customize your data scraping process with a click. Isn’t it simple?

Which web scraping tool do you use? Have you used any of the tools given in the list? Let us know if you use some other web scraping tool in the comments, and we would love to review them for you.

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