How to Scrape Emails from Websites at Free of Cost


Are you thinking of expanding your business vast and beyond?

Nothing is better than cost-effectively connecting with your customers. The connection should be meaningful and informative. Nothing else other than emails can help you in this. But have you ever thought about where you will get bulk email addresses?

One of the fastest methods is email scraping.

Email scraping is a process to collect data like email addresses from different web pages. Being in business and bearing the brunt of the competition despite good products, you know how complex it is to build an email list. With limited resources, it gets all the more impossible to expand.

A better way to create an extensive email list is by using email scraping tools. But before that, let us understand what does it mean to scrape emails?

What is the need for email scraping?

Email Scraping becomes the basic necessity in the following situations:

For outreach & cold mailing for new business

“Email has the ability many channels don’t; creating valuable personal touches- at scale”- David Newman.

Email marketing is powerful but it can fail if your message is the words and ideas are not weaved correctly. It can be a beneficial weapon for you to progress. 

The worst thing that email can do is that the reader won’t respond to you. Right? 

In this aspect, storytelling never fails. Design your emails in a way that excites your readers. But all is useful when you have a list of email addresses. Web scraping email address is an activity to give you a detailed list of your prospective clients. Though there are many email scraper tools available, what suits your niche is to be considered

Discover How ProWebScraper Extracts Millions of Data Effortlessly

Discover How ProWebScraper Extracts Millions of Data Effortlessly

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Business Development

If you are thinking logically to raise the standards and parameters of business operations, you probably need to expand. Suppose, you are looking for a large customer base or an investor, you need to reach out to them through email.

Your investors don’t know that you exist somewhere; hence the idealistic solution is to reach out to them through calls or emails. Sending an email is significant in all aspects as it offers you a point of contact. 


This segment has email utility on another level because there exists a need to approach suitable candidates. 

In a typical scenario, many job seekers look for a regular update to spot a job but there exist exceptional candidates who are not active in seeking employment. But it does not mean that they would not want to apply for another job. 

If you want to inform these candidates about the job role, you must send them emails addressed in a personalized way.


Network of like-minded and same professional people is the new trend.

When you want to exchange information to network and share knowledge in abundance, email is the best option. It gives you plenty of space and courage to write even to a CEO of a company. You can write emails and request to meet or provide value.

We discussed too much about the need for email addresses and their relevance. Sounds easy but is email scraping legal? Let us dive into another aspect.

Things To Consider Before You Start Email Scraping

Before you start email scraping, these are things to consider:

1. Evaluate whether the source of the email is legitimate or not?

Evaluate whether the source you plan to scrape is legitimate or not. You must check whether the addresses are made public or the user has given consent for the data. Also, check whether these are real or high-quality addresses?

2. Local Laws:

Check the local laws when you are dealing with the scraped email addresses. You should find out about spamming and your limits of actions with the emails you have collected.

3. Define Usage of the Email List:

Decide how you want to use this email list. Spamming the list will be a bad idea for you. Please use it for making connections. You can also use the email list to target people through Google Ads

How to scrape emails from websites using ProWebScraper?

It is not possible to do email scraping manually. You need to deploy software for the results you want to fetch. Use ProWebScraper-email scraping software. It will scrape emails from any website without coding. 

You do not need any engineering skills or an engineer if you do not have the cues of scraping. ProWebScraper is the perfect solution for you that comes with no-coding, point, and clicks scraping features. It makes data fetching easier than you can imagine.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to scrape emails using ProWebScraper:

Step1: First, find the page where your data exists. For instance, a Hotel page on


Step2: Copy and paste the URL from that page into ProWebScraper to create a new scraper.


Step 3: Click “extract data” and ProWebScraper will load the page.


Step 4: Once the page successfully loads, you can point and click on the data which you want to scrape. In this case, we want to extract the hotel name and its email address into columns. 

To extract the name of the hotel, just click on that.

You can see how the data you clicked on is now showing on the current selection panel.

select hotel name

To name this data point, double click on column name & rename it via “Hotel Name”.

Step 5: To scrape the email address. Click on “Add column” and rename it to “email”.

Step6: To select the email address we need to use a CSS selector.

Wondering why CSS Selector?

It is because the point and click selector does not allow you to select the email address. 

To apply CSS selector, go to Column Setting then select “Use CSS Selector

You will be directed to “Enter Selector”. In this field, add the selector string mentioned below

 div._3acGlZjD > div > div > div:nth-child(2) > span > a:last-child

Once done, click on apply. The email will be selected.

select email


Now both the data points [hotel name and its email address] have been selected. You can now click the “Save” button to save your scraper. 

You can now name your scraper “Tripadvisor Hotel Email Scraper” and then click “Save and Run”.

Save and run

Extract bulk emails using ProWebScraper.

  • So far, you have now developed an email scraper for TripAdvisor. However, if you want to go a step further and scrape emails from multiple hotels, use our detail scraper and input various URLs.
  •  Go to Scraper Manage Inputs and then click on the button ‘Import URLs’ to import a massive collection of URLs from a file. Once you see things in action, it will be evident. Let’s look at how to import URLs.
  • The ‘Import URLs’ pop-up will appear next, allowing you to import URLs from a CSV file. You can add the URL list to your existing URL list. Please view the screenshot below for an explanation of the procedure


Is email scraping legal?

Email scraping is not illegal. 

You can conduct email scraping, but it is wise to contact the owner of that data if you want to use it. But in case if you use the data just for analysis and predictions, you can use it.

You would always want to avoid a situation where your email client questions the interaction. This is where the question of legality comes into the picture. 

Email Scraping Software is a fast tool to create an extensive list of contacts. A good option is to always initiate with an introductory email, leaving the clients to receive the emails or not.

Check the local laws when you are dealing with the scraped email addresses. You should find out about spamming and your limits of actions with the emails you have collected.

Want to scrape data without writing code


By now, it is clear to you what is scraping email and what is the procedure for email scraping with ProWebScraper

It is an easy-to-use software that integrates easily. After you get the results, you can download them in the most comprehensible files. In an ordinary circumstance, you would identify that not every website has the same coding patterns. If you are thinking to scrape such a website, it can create trouble for you. Don’t worry; if this happens to you, please contact our team

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