How Product Description Generator Can Boost Your eCommerce Business

Product Description Generator

Wondering how to convert users into buyers on your ecommerce site? Don’t know how to drive target traffic to your website? Want to make your product pages compelling for users?

Well, no worries.

It’s quite simple; focus on product descriptions.

Yes. Product descriptions. This is what influences purchase behavior and helps rank your website a lot better on search engines. As far as SEO is concerned, focusing on writing stand-out product descriptions is vital. In fact, it is one of the top 3 strategies for SEO growth for every digital marketer.

So we have put together key insights regarding everything you got to know about ecommerce product description generator. Here’s what you will get to see in the blog:

  • How Google ranks ecommerce sites
  • Issues of duplicate descriptions and how it affects your SEO
  • Solutions for product description generation
  • Services for product description generation
  • Tools for product description generation

Let’s start from the beginning:

Since Google is leveraging high-end AI to understand content way better, it is a great opportunity to capitalize on long tail search queries and search intent and rank better in Google.

In financial terms, product information and descriptions for ecommerce industry are also increasingly growing in significance because the ecommerce industry has crossed US$300bn over the past two years. This is high stakes game and you cannot afford to lose!

However, your concern is well taken when you argue that writing gripping product descriptions that will rank in search engines is a huge task.

Moreover, one is not talking about a few product details or descriptions here; this is a large scale exercise because there are tens and thousands of product descriptions for an ecommerce business.

This is precisely why many ecommerce sites don’t write original product descriptions but copy from other sites or sources. Google finds it difficult to identify the original and duplicate sites for product descriptions. Therefore, Google either penalizes those sites or gives ranking to only the authority sites.

Small sites that don’t carry original product descriptions don’t get visibility due to this. So it affects the business in a big way.

The big ecommerce plays have the resources to hire content writers and get them to write great product descriptions. They can afford it. But small sites cannot afford it. In the context of quantity of products, it is nearly impossible to get the product descriptions re-written.

Some sites opt for selective treatment. They get the product descriptions re-written for some key products. This may or may not work but they will anyway lose the website traffic for the rest of the products.

In all, product description needs a better strategy but it is necessary to understand why product descriptions are so vital and why they matter for ecommerce sites so much.

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What are product descriptions and why do they matter for ecommerce sites?

Product Descriptions

Well, in simple terms, a product description is a unique copy related to the product. It highlights key features and benefits regarding a product available for purchase on an online store. Eventually, it should provide adequately compelling information to drive the buyer to purchase it.

Here’re a few sample questions that a product description should answer:

  • What’s the product?
  • What is its utility?
  • How is it different and unique from products of similar nature?
  • What’s it made of?
  • How to use it?

Equally important is the word limit. It should not become an essay on the product but a succinct description limited to a range of 200-500 words.

Product descriptions have two important functions. Firstly, it influences a website’s conversion rate (CRO). Secondly, it boosts the SEO of the site.

This is precisely whey product descriptions matter so much. It is also one of the under-utilized SEO strategies for an ecommerce site. Since many ecommerce sites use copied product descriptions, their ranking is affected and eventually the business too!

There are certain issues that you need to take into consideration while working out product descriptions.

Key Issues regarding Product Descriptions

You got to understand how inadequate or incomplete product descriptions will not serve the purpose.

Search engines need adequate and proper product descriptions to appropriately rank them.

Obviously, copied descriptions have no way of giving you any competitive advantage.

Since there are so many products for which ecommerce sites need product descriptions. So they indulge in mixed tactics; for some key products, they get the products re-written and for some other products, they might copy from different sources. This sort of approach results in issues related to SEO.

Google wants to provide the best possible search results to the users. But if it allows the copied and/or inadequate product descriptions, the users will see similar sort of search results. This cannot work for a search engine.

So Google evidently favours unique content. It’s not a major problem in terms of your ecommerce site for having copied product descriptions; nobody can shut you down for it. But if you do have unique product description for your products, it will help your site stand out to the end user and to Google as well. When Google finds it unique, it will obviously rank you higher!

As discussed earlier, writing product descriptions for so many products will be time consuming and use up your resources. It is not likely to work. You can probably get the product descriptions from a company specializing in such a service. This will also be quite expensive.

But product descriptions are vital and it’s imperative to bring the focus back on product descriptions and work out a solution for unique product descriptions at an affordable rate!

Is there such a solution?

Can it be unique and yet affordable?

Oh, yes.

Product Description Generators: An Overview

Well, the solution is incredibly simpler; automated ecommerce product description generators are emerging on the scene quite quickly! Fortunately, it is quite cost-effective and can suit the budgets of small ecommerce companies as well.

It’s all become possible because of Artificial Intelligence. Its branch called Natural Language Generation has made quite rapid strides in this field. You can consider this tool as a robot writer!

Introduction of AI is not new for ecommerce industry. In fact, it’s already made its rightful place by improving the retargeting of potential customers and providing a personal touch with chatbots. It has also helped localize the customer experience, manage the image classification, streamline inventory management, and in many more such ways.

You might raise a question as to whether robots can write product descriptions. May be, yes, they can. But it would be quite a stretch of imagination to think that they can do it well.

Well, it might be a surprise for you but robots have already been writing news and sports stories for a while now. This is exactly the kind of stuff that they can do well- factual, data-driven texts. Product descriptions are quite similar to this and believe it or not, bots can generate effective product descriptions if you provide the right data set and ingredients!

How it Works?

Natural language generation (NLG) is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is the technology that can produce language as output on the basis of the data input provided. NLG has been around for a long time but commerce applications of NLG technology have only recently been made wide available.

As a practical case study, we will generate product description using proprietary NGL tools. Although there are a few open source alternatives available but they are not yet ready to be used for product description use. If at all, you need to customize them as per your need in order to use them. It requires further expertise and may or may not work for every user.

Product descriptions can be generated using NLG tools by following three easy steps.

  • Prepare your data
  • Create product description templates
  • Generate your narratives

Let’s start:

Prepare your data

To implement natural language generation, the most important part is access to product features and attributes in structure format.

For instance, the following image shows the attribute data for a mobile phone:


Well, you might wonder, how to easily get the product features and attributes!

It’s damn easy; you can easily locate the same from manufacturer’s website or other ecommerce websites.

To easily extract product attributes from these websites, you can use a web scraping service like ProWebScraper.

All you need to do is configure the web scraper and run it so that you can fetch the dara regarding product features and attributes. In this way, you can download the extracted data in CSV format.

Let’s say you are looking to get this data in real time, you can use API service that the web scraping service has provided.

Here’s a table of sample data set which was extracted from websites using web scraping service.

Model NameRedmi 5AGalaxy J3 ProK6 power
Display Size5 inch5 inch5 inch
Resolution (in pixel )7207201080
Resolution typeHDHDFull HD
OSAndroid nougat 7.1.2Android lollipop 5.1Android Marshmallow 6.0.1
Processor typeQualcomm snapdragon 425Spreadtrum Quad Core 1.5GHzQualcomm Snapdragon 430 Octa Core 1.4GHz
Processor CoreQuad coreQuad coreQuad core
Internal storage16 GB16 GB32 GB
Primary camera13 MP8 MP13 MP
Secondary camera5 MP5 MP8 MP
Battery capacity3000mAh2600mAh4000mAh

Create Product Description Template

Templates are quite useful because it gives you the freedom to pick and choose length, tone and variability. This is vital because it ensures that every product description you eventually work out is unique and compelling.

It’s needless to mention how it’s hugely SEO-friendly.

Templates work in a particular way. They have rules-based linguistic functionality to generate product description based on the data set provided.

Let’s see how to design a template which can write 1000 unique descriptions.

For example, please find below a product description for reference:

Redmi 5A has a stunning HD 5 inch display with classic Gold color and have a Android nougat 7.1.2 operating system and It is powered by a 3000mAh battery.

It is equipped with a fast focusing 13MP rear camera that helps you capture sharp and also has a 5MP front camera.

Seamlessly play games, watch videos and browse the Internet as it has Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. You can store music, movies, photos and much more as it comes with 16GB internal storage.

Let’s look at a few strategies which you need to keep in mind in order to create a template.

Describe features of the product

Describe Features of the Product
  • You need to provide a detailed description of the product because it makes it easier for the buyer to make the purchase decision.
  • For the buyer to quickly and easily make the purchase decision, he/she needs to know all the features and acquire all the necessary information. This is why detailed description of features matters so much.
  • In the example mentioned below, there are product attributes like Redmi 5A which is a model name, 5 inch which is a display size and HD which is a resolution type.
  • We have adequately covered these features in the following description and highlighted them for easier reading:

Redmi 5A has a stunning HD 5 inch display with classic Gold color and have a Android nougat 7.1.2 operating system and It is powered by a 3000mAh battery.

  • You need to replace each product attribute with their specific placeholder for product description in the following way:

{{ model name }} has a stunning HD {{ display size }} display with classic {{ color }} color and have a {{ os }} operating system and It is powered by a {{ battery capacity }} battery.

  • When we will generate the product description, it will fill the placeholder by product attributes database prepared in step 1.

Use specific tone in product description

  • Product descriptions are factual and data based statements. So to make them effective and compelling, you need to use specific way to narrate the product and avoid any generalization. A specific and succinct product description can help you distinguish your product from your competitors.
  • You might wonder how to take care of this in the Template as it might vary depending on the product attributes. It’s easier when the products have the key features that compel purchase behavior. For instance, see the phrase, “has a stunning HD”. This is good for a product which has HD. What about products which don’t have it?
  • This is where you need to be careful and use a very different way of narrating it. This requires a bit of careful thought when you are working out the template.
  • To tackle this tricky issue, we can use statements according to the features a product has or doesn’t have.See the example:
    If a mobile has HD => use “has a stunning HD”
    Else => use “has a nice resolution”
  • See the example below; we have highlighted the phrases in red wherein this issue arises:

Redmi 5A has a stunning HD 5 inch display with classic Gold color and have a Android nougat 7.1.2 operating system and It is powered by a 3000mAh battery.

  • By adding a particular kind of statement to template, we tacked this issue:

{{ model name }} {{ display resolution >= 720 ? “ has a stunning HD ” : “ has a nice resolution” }} {{ display size }} display with {{ color == gold ? “classic” : “cool” }} {{ color }} color and have a {{ os }} operating system and has {{ battery capacity }} battery.

  • In all, when we generate description, the tool will write description using the given product’s features and it will give specific tone to the product and its description.

Making Product Description SEO friendly

  • Using this template, we can generate thousands of descriptions regarding mobile phones.
  • However, it’s still not good enough because there will be some content that gets repeated in all product descriptions. It means that content will be duplicated and search engines will not like this.
  • This particular strategy can help you replace duplicate content by its synonyms.
  • For instance, you can replace commonly occurring phrases like “is powered by” with the help of synonymous expression like “with capacity of”.
  • In the following description, we have highlighted in purple the possible phrases where we can add synonymous expressions.

Redmi 5A has a stunning HD 5 inch display with classic Gold color and have a Android nougat 7.1.2 operating system and It is powered by a 3000mAh battery.

  • Now here’s how we add synonyms or synonymous expressions to the template to replace these words:

{{ model name }} {{ display resolution >= 720 ? “ has a HD ” : “ has a nice resolution” }} {{ display size }} display with {{ color == gold ? “classic” : “cool” }} {{ color }} color and have a {{ os }} operating system and {{ “is powered by” || “ with capacity of ” }} {{ battery capacity }} battery.

  • When we generate product description, it could interchange the synonyms or synonymous expressions and make our description SEO-friendly.

After we applied all these techniques, the final description appears something like this:

{{ model name }} {{ display resolution >= 720 ? “ has a HD ” : “ has a nice resolution” }} {{ display size }} display with {{ color == gold ? “classic” : “cool” }} {{ color }} color and have a {{ os }} operating system and {{ “is powered by” || “ with capacity of ” }} {{ battery capacity }} battery.

It is {{ “equipped with a fast focusing” || “with a quick centering” }} {{ primary camera }} rear camera that helps you capture sharp and also has a {{ secondary camera }} front camera.

{{ “Seamlessly play games, watch videos and browse the Internet” || “Consistently play amusements, watch recordings and peruse the Internet” }} as it has {{ processor type }} {{ processor core }} processor and {{ ram }} of RAM. You can store music, movies, photos and much more as it comes with {{ internal storage }} internal storage.

Compare with similar product

  • You can get comparable information in product description of similar products.
  • You can also create functions such as finding minimum and maximum value sorting. For example, you want to mention a phrase like “fastest mobile” in a description which has best RAM and processor.
  • So you can apply minimum maximum function to product attribute data “RAM” and “Processor”.
  • This way, it is possible to find the perfect product for the user’s needs.

Describe benefits and uses of product

Benefits and Uses of Product
  • Always bear in mind that users are not merely looking for products. They generally look for solutions for their problems. So a product that comes across as a solution has great potential to influence purchase behavior.
  • When you describe benefits and uses of a product, you are helping the buyer purchase the right kind of product to solve his/her specific problems.
  • Basically, a benefit is an explanation of what a particular feature does for the user. It can be termed as a positive attribute or a solution of a particular problem.

In this way, this template system works well with most of the categories of products.

You can quickly generate hundreds and even thousands of easy-to-read, unique product descriptions.

Also You can easily find number of product description templates online for free.

Generate Product Descriptions Using an NLG Tool

Now we are into the final part of the process for generating ecommerce product descriptions using an NLG tool.

  • In step 1, we have got the details regarding product attributes of all the products that we want to generate description for.
  • In step 2, we have worked out the templates for product description with the help of placeholders.
  • In this 3rd step, you will come to know how to generate thousands of ecommerce product descriptions using NLG tool within a matter of minutes.
  • NLG algorithms take the template and dataset as input and create hundreds of unique descriptions in no time.
  • One of the most important advantages of NLG tools is that they change the text with semantic text automatically. So each description will turn out to be unique in spite of the fact that these descriptions are created using the same template.
  • In addition, it will also give you personalized and ready-to-use description for every row of your data.

For your reference, you can see some of the narratives generated using an NLG tool.

Generate Product Descriptions

Moreover, you can refer to the following list of leading companies which provide tools for Natural Language Generation. They provide great support and service whatever your specific needs may be. No matter how small or big the needs may be, the pricing plans are also within average budget range and hence affordable to even small businesses.

As ecommerce continues to grow, there’s no way to get the product descriptions done manually. Even if it can be done, it will always be way more expensive. Hence, the automation of product description is the next tiny little revolution which can add big gains in terms of efficiency and productivity. You need to look at options for ecommerce product description generators.

Free Product Description Generator

  • If you have the technical resources and know-how and if you want to explore this technology, there are quite a few open source libraries in Github for applying natural language generation to your products.
  • Well, it will not begin to work like magic from day one. You will need to spend good amount of time in order to customize it to use it for your specific needs.
  • If you are strugling to create beautiful description because of clumsy  HTML code, you can use this free amazon product description tool.
  • If you don’t want to take the trouble to work out customized use of NLG for your ecommerce products, there are companies which provide unique product descriptions for your specific needs of product description. If you are looking for service that provides ecommerce product descriptions, here’s a sample list:
  • These services can quite useful and you don’t even need to provide any product attributes because they keep exploring the web trying to update their data in terms of new products and features.
  • They use machine learning algorithms and other methods to extract different products and their attributes, categorize and match them.
  • They also follow the same process that NLG requires. They use the data gathered to automatically turn product features or attributes into effective product descriptions.
  • It’s not restricted in any way to only small scale use. They can scale it up as per your requirement. If you need unique product descriptions in bulk which are SEO-friendly and easy to read, they can provide it according to your needs.
  • Many of these services provide API support so that the process is made fully automatic.
Want to scrape data without writing code


In short, ecommerce product description generator is the key to ecommerce success. Whether it’s your SEO strategy or your ranking in Google, a product description generator can give you a great boost!

Depending upon your needs, you can choose among the services and tools that are available as mentioned in the blog. There are free tools but you may or may not be able to optimally utilize them.

There are services which provide ecommerce product descriptions which may or may not work for you and may or may not fit into your budget.

So if you are looking for a great tool that can serve as ecommerce product description generator for your ecommerce website and business, you can try out ProWebScraper and we will provide you one.

Last but not the least:

Did you like the blog?

Do share your valuable feedback in the comments section?

We will be happy to receive your amazing suggestions to make it all better; keep writing to us!


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