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  • Is it possible to extract data from websites in different languages using these tools?

    Yes, most of the tools can extract data from websites having content in different languages. You may, however, need some more tools to process the data or content that you scrape.

  • How do web scraping tools handle dynamic content?

    Robust data extraction tools can render JavaScript, allowing them to scrape data from dynamic websites. This is often achieved using built-in browsers or integrations with tools like Selenium or Puppeteer.

  • Do scraping tools ensure data privacy?

    It depends on the tool you select. Some tools may have a greater regard for it. They may ensure data privacy above all. So they do not store scraped data. It would be good to read the tool’s privacy policy and survey the user reviews to understand it better for each tool.

  • How do these tools deal with CAPTCHAs or anti-bot measures?

    Tools take care of them either by using delay tactics, CAPTCHA solving services, or user prompts.

  • What's the learning curve for these tools?

    It varies a lot depending on the tool. Some tools are easy to navigate for beginners. Some others may require some time before you can explore its full functionalities.

  • Are there any limitations to what a web scraping tool can extract?

    A reasonably good tool should be able to get the data you need. However, some websites that use stringent anti-scraping strategies or undergo frequent changes or are loaded with dynamic content may pose some challenges for a regular tool.

  • How does pricing typically work for these tools?

    Pricing is different for each tool. Each tool has its own ways to price web scraping. Some may price it on a monthly basis or based on features or the number of scraped pages, or the amount of data extracted.

  • Can I schedule scraping tasks with these tools?

    Yes, it is possible for you to schedule scraping tasks with most of these tools. But how well each tool allows it may vary. In other words, your experience may vary with different tools.

  • Can I use web scraping tools without coding knowledge?

    As many of these tools come with point-and-click functionality, you simply need to select data items you want to scrape. So you do not need coding knowledge for many of the elementary web scraping tasks. However, for more advanced and complex needs. basic programming knowledge can be helpful.

  • What features should I look for in a web scraping tool?

    It should be easy to use even for a non-technical user and yet quite robust. It should be able to tackle complex website structures and provide proxy rotation, varied data export options and have regular updates to take care of frequent changes in website structures.

  • How to protect businesses from price scraping?

    In contemporary times, price scraping is very prominent. The bots can fill out a form to get into the pricing of your business and simulate human behavior by quickly cycling through thousands of IP addresses. In such a situation, a DAF can not provide you with a good level of protection from these bots. Advanced bot protection is the best defense against any kind of scraping. Numerous software applications offer real-time scraping danger detection and prevention through bot management solutions. It installs quickly on any web infrastructure and then operates automatically.

  • What is price scraping/screen scraping used for?

    Price scraping is used for having a good command over competitive pricing.] If you are starting as an e-commerce company, you will need pricing data from your competitors to update your price strategy competitive and maintained.

  • Which’s the best price scraping tool?

    All the tools we have recommended and given the brief of in this article are the best in the business. Though, please consider your budget and needs.

  • What are the ways to prevent being blocked when scraping a website?

    This is very common for websites to block any suspicious activity they notice on their website. The internet server eventually crashes due to over-burdening of the data request. Therefore, it is no win-win situation for both the website and you. The best way to prevent blocking is by preventing overloading. Be gentle even while price-scarping from any website so that it can eventually turn up as a benefit to you.

  • Do CAPTCHA be solved during price scraping?

    There was a time when CAPTCHA solving was an issue but now is not. There are a range of price-scarping tools providing CAPTCHA solutions to make your work easy and steady.

  • What are the factors to consider while choosing the price strategy?

    The main factor that should be on your mind are; the customer you are targeting, the goal of profit and sale, market research, and what your rivals are doing to hie their sale.

  • How to price a product online?

    Depending on your long-term goal, growth plan, and product sales strategy, you can choose a single or a combination of strategies we have mentioned above to set the price for your product.

  • Which are the best pricing strategies?

    Well, all those mentioned above are the best strategies. The efficiency of any strategy depends on what is your goal regarding your product.

  • What is the formula for the effectiveness of a cost-based price strategy?

    Price = (Material Cost + Labor Cost + Overhead Costs) x (1 + Markup)

    * Choose the markup yourself.

  • Does the price-skimming strategy apply only to technical products?

    It is not always the case, but it is most effective for such products.

  • Which is better: Web scraping service or Web Scraping Tool?

    When it comes to web scraping tools, you will still have some work to do. You have to set scraper and need to manage it. If you don’t have that kind of time and energy to spare, you should opt for web scraping service. This will set you free from the technical issues related to web scraping and you will be able to focus on your core business.

  • Is it legal to scrape a website?

    The legality of web scraping is a tricky issue. Scraping public data that is not copyrighted for non-commercial use is mostly legal. If you are doing it on your own, you can land yourself in trouble. There are many aspects to it which you may not be aware of. Therefore, it’s better to leave to a web scraping service to deal with the intricacies of the legality of web scraping.

  • How much does web scraping cost?

    The cost varies from one web scraping service to another because they have different pricing models and packages. It also depends on the quantity of data that you want to scrape. If you have bulk data in mind, the cost may come down a bit.

  • Is Web scraping hard? / How difficult is it to scrape data from the web?

    Despite the sophisticated web scraping tools, web scraping remains a highly intricate process. It is not just about scraping the data but also about doing it in a legal and safe way without causing any harm to the website or yourself. That’s not all. Getting hold of clean and accurate data is also a challenge. So many intricacies make web scraping extremely complex and difficult.

  • What are the applications / use cases of web scraping?
    • You can leverage web scraping for a variety of purposes depending upon your needs.
    • You can use it for price monitoring if you are into an eCommerce business. Similarly, you can get images and product descriptions too.
    • You can make use of it for brand monitoring or sentiment analysis as well.
    • For monitoring MAP compliance, it can be equally useful and effective.
    • You can also use it for equity and financial research too.
  • How do I choose the best web scraping Chrome extension for my needs?

    You can choose the best web scraping Chrome extension by keeping in mind the kind of project you have, the kind of technical skills you have and the kind of websites you want to extract data from. You can check out our quiz and explore the Chrome extensions accordingly.

  • How does a web scraping Chrome extension work?

    Well, you can use the Chrome extension right from your Chrome browser to extract data from websites. To start with, you install it first. Then you go to the website from where you want to extract the data. Then you activate the extension and select the different data elements that interest you. The extension will work on it and get the data from the website. You can save it in a format of your choice like CSV or Excel file or even a database. The time taken may differ according to the extension that you use. But this is how it works.

  • Why should I use a Chrome extension for web scraping?

    Chrome extensions for web scraping are usually easy to install and use, making them a good option for users with limited technical skills. They are also handy for an occasional or smaller-scale scraping tasks.

  • Is web scraping legal?

    First of all, every website has its terms of service. If you follow that, you are legally safe. It also depends on your location. What you do with the scraped data also determines whether it is legal or illegal. So before scraping, always read the terms of service on the website that you want to scrape the data from. If you want to be absolutely sure, consult a legal expert

  • Can I scrape data from any website using these Chrome extensions?

    Technically, you can use the extension to scrape data from any website. But many big websites have anti-scraping mechanisms which can either block the extension or restrict how much you can scrape on a given day. Some websites even require login or have dynamically loaded content. These are challenges that extensions may not be able to tackle.

  • there any limitations to using web scraping Chrome extensions?

    Well, extensions are good as elementary tools that initiate you into the world of web scraping. But they are not effective when it comes to scraping data from large websites or complex website structures. They may find it difficult to bypass the anti-scraping mechanisms or require you to log in in order to access data.

  • What are some alternatives to web scraping Chrome extensions?

    There are a variety of tools available. You need to take into account the specific needs you have and then map it with the tools available. You can think of a web scraping service, programming libraries like BeautifulSoup or Scrapy in Python or software tools like or Octoparse

  • Is technical knowledge required to use web scraping Chrome extensions?

    You may not need in-depth technical knowledge but you need to have a degree of technical skills to navigate a Chrome extension. You need to have an understanding of HTML and CSS, XPATH or CSS selectors, basic programming knowledge, troubleshooting skills and browser developer tools.

  • Who are web scraping chrome extensions ideal for?

    They are not ideal for you if you have large scale web scraping requirements. It is ideal for developers and those individuals looking for small-scale web scraping to be done. At best, it is a good way to learn and explore web scraping. For more extensive data extraction needs, you need to explore alternative web scraping solutions.

  • Can web scraping chrome extensions handle ongoing data scraping needs?

    Chrome extensions are elementary tools designed for simple and straightforward web scraping tasks. For one time, you can afford to spare the time and energy to set up the scraper and run the scraper. For ongoing web scraping work, you can’t open the browser every time, run the scraper and monitor it. So it works for one-time web scraping requirement. For ongoing data extraction requirements, you need to look for a robust, automated alternative solution.

  • Can web scraping chrome extensions clean and manipulate scraped data?

    Chrome extensions can only extract data from simple web pages. But web scraping is not only about data extraction. You need to carry out cleaning and manipulation of data after extracting it. However, Chrome extensions do not offer any functionality for data cleaning and manipulation. So you need to rely on other tools and manage it on your own.

  • How to Scrape Data Using Instant Data Scraper Chrome Extension ?
    1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your system. Go to the website and web page from where you want to extract the data.
    2. If you have not yet installed it, please install the Instant Data Scraper chrome extension.
    3. After the installation, all you need to do is click on the icon of the extension in the browser toolbar and open it.
    4. You won’t have to do anything. The extension will instantly detect the first tabular data on that given web page. It will then show it to you in preview. If you want to extract a different table, just click on “Try another table” to select something else.
    5. If you want to extract data from more than one web page, you need to click on “Locate ‘Next’ Button” in the extension. It will ask you to go to the next page by clicking on the right button for the same.
    6. Then you keep following the same process for extracting data for each page. All you need to do is find the “next” button and go to the next page manually.
    7. After the data is extracted, you can simply export to a CSV or Excel file. All you need to do is click on the “Export” button in the extension.
  • What is an Instant Data Scraper ideal for?
    • For carrying out small little web scraping tasks. Maybe up to 1000 records. This is for those who want to do it on their own.
    • For extracting data from listing pages that have data stored in tables.
    • For scraping highly specific data items like prices, names of businesses, email ides, phone numbers, titles or lead data from platforms like
    • For extracting stock prices from stock listing pages.
  • What are the limitations of Instant Data Scraper ?
    • It can only extract structured data.
    • There may be multiple structures on the same page. It can only extract data from a single table on that page.
    • It is manual and slow because you can scrape data from only a single page at a time. For the next page, you need to click on the “Next” link and follow the same process manually which takes time.
    • Since its steps are manual, it cannot work in an automated fashion for large scale data extraction.
    • No built-in proxy support. It means that scraping from big websites can get you blocked.
    • Needs your time and involvement for each scraping exercise.
    • Only scraping is possible. No provision for data cleaning and post-scraping processing.
    • For technical issues, you can contact the community-driven Google group, but response times may not be that great. It is not like you are using a paid service.
  • Do I Need Coding Skills to Use Instant Data Scraper?

    No. You do not need coding skills to use Instant Data Scraper. But yes, what you need is a basic understanding of how web scraping works. You also need to know how the extension functions.

  • Can Instant Data Scraper Handle Complex Websites?

    Instant Data Scraper can scrape one table at a time from a given page. It is not suited for extracting data from complex websites.

  • If I can’t configure the scraper myself, can Data Miner assist with this?

    Yes, Data Miner will assist you with setting it up. But it is not free. You will need to shell out extra bucks for that. If you cannot set it up on your own, you will need to pay another $300 for a custom-made multi-level scraper per website.

  • Can Data Miner scrape data from websites that have blocked me?

    No, Data Miner cannot help you in this. It does not have proxy support. So if you get blocked, you cannot continue scraping data from that particular website using this tool.

  • Can I integrate Data Miner into my system for automatic data scraping?

    There is no API integration. It means that you can scrape the data using this tool but you cannot have automatic integration into your system. It is manual in that sense that you will need to extract the data, download it in CSV or Excel file and then import it into your database or analytics tool.

  • How efficient is Data Miner in terms of time taken to scrape pages?

    Data Miner scrapes data at a slower pace. The tool takes 1.5 to 2 hours to scrape 500 pages because it scrapes one page at a time. While this is going on, you need to keep track of it so that it does not have interruptions or the browser hang-up.

  • Does Data Miner support scraping from all websites ?

    You can use this tool for generic web scraping needs. You cannot use it for complex web scraping tasks requiring data extraction from dynamic websites. A user reported a technical issue regarding scraping data from LinkedIn. It seems that it could not be resolved eventually. You can read more about this case on their forum: Link to forum

  • Is Data Miner cost-effective for larger web scraping projects?

    For 9000 pages per month, it costs you $200. This makes it expensive if you have bulk data extraction requirements. Full-fledged web scraping services are more cost-effective compared to this tool.

  • I want to crawl a page that has pagination but no next button. The page number is in the URL. Is there any wayout?

    Unfortunately, Instant Data Scraper only works on the next button to take you to the next page. Without the next button, there’s no way to scrape the data. This is why you need a more sophisticated web scraping tool.

  • Why does Instant Data Scraper stop scraping website URLs and delete the column of the URLs it has already scraped? Is there a way to fix this flaw?

    This is a limitation with Instant Data Scraper. When you are scraping website URLs, it may just stop gathering URLs and also delete scraped ones. The way to fix the flaw? You cannot do much about it. You can tweak the settings but not sure if it will solve the problem. You will need to look for alternative tools.

  • When scraping Google Searches, Instant Data Scraper doesn’t scrape the description fully. It removes the bolded text and adds it to another column. How can I fix this?

    Since this is an elementary tool, it has this limitation. It cannot provide you this kind of specific data in a particular form. To get this kind of highly specific data organized in a particular way, you need to look for a more advanced and customizable web scraping tool. You can also think of writing custom scripts to Google search results for your specific requirements but you will need to know how to write the script.

  • What are the alternatives to Instant Data Scraper ?

    ProWebScraper ( is your best bet if you are looking for a structured and efficient alternative to Instant Data Scraper. It is a complete solution in terms of web scraping. You can use its excellent interface and optimize the data extraction at a scale. You can effortlessly scrape data from sites like Amazon, Google Maps,, and real estate platforms.

  • Who is Webscraper extension designed for?

    Webscraper extension is basically meant for developers and users who have some amount of technical knowledge. A completely non-technical user may not be able to use it. It may be useful for you if you want to learn more about web scraping in a hands-on way. It can work for tiny little web scraping tasks and for learning experience.

  • Do I need coding skills to use Webscraper extension?

    No, you do not need coding skills to use this extension. But you do need some amount of technical skills to use it because it requires configuring and running the scraper. It also requires an understanding of HTML, CSS and selectors to run it smoothly.

  • Who is Webscraper extension designed for?

    Webscraper extension is basically meant for developers and users who have some amount of technical knowledge. A completely non-technical user may not be able to use it. It may be useful for you if you want to learn more about web scraping in a hands-on way. It can work for tiny little web scraping tasks and for learning experience.

  • Do I need coding skills to use Webscraper extension?

    No, you do not need coding skills to use this extension. But you do need some amount of technical skills to use it because it requires configuring and running the scraper. It also requires an understanding of HTML, CSS and selectors to run it smoothly.

  • Can Webscraper extension handle complex websites?

    No, it is a basic tool. At best, it can handle simple structures. So it has a limitation in terms of handling complex structures. Even changes in websites or HTML changes can make it difficult for the extension to continue scraping. Anti-scraping mechanisms can also prevent it from getting the data you need.

  • How can I get support for Webscraper extension? has an online forum where you can post your queries. The community can then probably share its tips for troubleshooting etc. A professionally managed customer support is not available for the extension. So if you face technical glitches and need immediate support, it may not be available.

  • What are the alternatives to Webscraper?

    In terms of full functionalities and complete solution for web scraping, you need to then turn to sophisticated web scraping services like ProWebScraper as an alternative to Webscraper extension. Services such as ProWebScraper provide a host of advanced features, have robust scraping techniques and specialize in handling large scale data extraction from complex structures. They also provide responsive customer support.

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